Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic Fillings

‘White Fillings’, otherwise know as ‘Composite Fillings’, have become a central part of modern day dentistry and are used regularly in back teeth, as well as front teeth. Here at Wellington Dental Practice, we have invested in a range of cutting edge composite materials, allowing our clinicians to achieve excellent aesthetic and durable results, anywhere in the mouth.

White fillings were previously considered to be less durable than metal fillings, but with recent advances in dental materials, this is no longer the case.

Back Teeth:

White fillings are classed as adhesive restorations, which means they bond directly to the tooth structure. This means they do not have to be held in place by retentive grooves or undercut as with traditional amalgam (metal) fillings. All of this means our clinicians can be more conservative when preparing teeth for composite fillings, retaining as much natural tooth tissue as possible.

In addition to allowing more conservative preparation, composite fillings add more strength to teeth once placed, compared to traditional amalgam fillings. This can help to reduce the risk of chips and fractures in future.

In back teeth, composite fillings can be used to replace tooth tissue that has been lost due to decay or fracture. Once sculpted and polished they are virtually invisible.

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Front Teeth:

Traditionally, improving the look of front teeth was done using porcelain, in the form of crowns or veneers. These techniques are still the best option in certain cases, but modern composite materials can provide a cheaper, and more conservative option, where appropriate. Once placed, sculpted and polished, modern composites can look incredibly natural.

If you wish to improve the look of your front teeth, speak to your dentist who can help decide on the best plan for your individual case.

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