Cancellation & fail to attend Policy

Cancellation & fail to attend Policy


Patients are required to give 48 hours or an absolute minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel appointments. Cancellations should be made either by calling us on 01823 661 555 or via email:

When patients give us adequate notice, the surgery time can be reallocated to other patients who need treatment. However, when appointments are cancelled at short notice, the surgery time and limited resources in health care are wasted, depriving other patients from receiving the care they need.

When booking private treatments, our reception team will require a deposit of 50% of the treatment cost, in advance. This deposit helps towards the cost of wasted surgery time, should a patient fail to attend or cancel at short notice. Even with deposits, failed appointments are very detrimental to the practice.

After a failed appointment we will review your record. If we are happy to rebook you for treatment, we will take a new deposit. We may ask you to pay the full treatment fee, upfront, at this point.

More than one fail to attend will carry a full charge for both check-ups and treatments.

Patients who fail to attend for their check-up or who cancel at short notice will be charged 50% of the normal check-up fee. Failed hygienist appointments will be charged in full.

Denplan patients who fail to attend appointments will lose their entitlement for that appointment and will have to pay privately for a replacement.

We remind patients, well in advance of their forthcoming appointments, by phone text message and email.

We understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, and we will take account of all valid circumstances.

Any appeals about missed or cancelled appointment charges should be made in writing to the practice owner, Dr Barry Kasai.

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