Denplan Fee Guide

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials covers you for check-ups and hygienist visits as well as significant discretionary benefits from the practice:

  • 10% discount on our usual private fees for fillings and other restorative treatments.
  • Free routine X-rays, usually £25 each.
  • No charge for urgent assessments during normal working hours, usually £54 for registered patients and £160 for unregistered patients.
  • Free Denplan registration, usually £15 per person.
  • All Denplan patients will benefit from family discounts on their monthly contributions; two people = 5%, three people = 10%, four or more = 15% when the payment is made from a single bank account

Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums as well as the number of visits you wish to have per year, the monthly fees for Denplan Essentials are:

  • One check-up & one hygienist visit per year £12.00 a month
  • One check-up & two hygienist visits per year £17.90 a month
  • Two check-ups & two hygienist visits per year £23.00 a month
  • Two check-ups & three hygienist visits per year £29.00 a month
  • Two check-ups and four hygienist visits per year £35.00 a month

Denplan Supplement Pay Insurance Continued

These prices include the optional Denplan Supplementary Insurance, which includes:

Emergency dental treatment in the UK: For the cost of emergency dental treatment when you are more than 40 miles away from your dental practice.

Worldwide emergency cover: 24 hour worldwide emergency helpline (wherever possible, referral to an English-speaking dentist) / temporary emergency treatment cover up to £691 per annum, when away from home.

Oral cancer cover: oral cancer treatment costs up to £12,000 / smokers are not excluded from this offer.

Hospital cash payment: £60 cash for every night spent in hospital under the care of a consultant maxilla-facial surgeon.

Additional services: 24-hour helpline.

Denplan Care

Denplan care is a comprehensive plan that covers you for routine check-ups and hygienist visits, as well as restorative treatment that is clinically necessary.

Due to each patient having different needs, the dentist will need to give you a full assessment to determine which category you are in. To book in your assessment or for more information, please contact the practice team.

Whilst the cover you require is determined by a Denplan Care assessment, the monthly fees range from £21.65 – £63.98.

Please note that teeth, fillings, crowns or other treated teeth that look suspicious and/or are being monitored by the dentist are excluded; your dentist will be able to inform you of any excluded teeth at your Denplan Care assessment.

Under Denplan Care you will also be charged for any laboratory work that is involved in your treatment. For example, if you have a crown, you would pay for the laboratory fee. Similarly, you will have to pay if your general dentist is unable to carry out the treatment for you, for example if you require difficult root canal treatment or implants.

Denplan Essentials – Children’s Plan

The best option for children under 18 is to opt to see the dentist twice a year at £7.50 per month, or to see the dentist twice a year and the hygienist once a year at £12.60 per month.

As well as the significant benefits from the practice, children under 18 years of age and those under 21 but in full-time education will receive:

  • All fillings & extractions of baby for free (does not include extractions for orthodontic treatment)
  • All small X-rays, normally £25 each
  • Preventative dental advice
  • 50% discount off treatment for adult teeth. (Hygienist visit not included)
  • Worldwide Dental Accident & Emergency Insurance (Available with Denplan Supplementary Insurance)

We are committed to the oral health of your children and want to help them get the best start in life and as such, we are offering the above practice discretionary benefits.

Family Discount

If you join Denplan as a family, providing payment comes from the same direct debit, you can get a family discount:

  • 2 people = 5% discount off total price
  • 3 people = 10% discount off total price
  • 4 or more people = 15% discount off total price

Please note, Denplan fees are reviewed annually.

For all Denplan patients that fail to attend treatments, a charge of 50% of the treatment cost will be applied to make up for the wasted surgery time. For any failed routine check-ups or hygienist visits, all Denplan patients will have to pay for a replacement appointment.

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