Dental Onlay

Dental Onlay Overview

When you have a heavily broken-down tooth your dentist may recommend and onlay or inlay. 

Dental onlays are used to repair and protect teeth that have been decayed, cracked or fractured. They work in a similar way to a crown but can be placed to cover just the top part of the tooth. This means more of your natural tooth is preserved. Porcelain can be used to make onlays look and feel incredibly natural, they can even improve your smile.

Made of beautiful tooth coloured porcelain, gold or metal, they can repair cracks, replace tooth cusps and fill in large cavities. They are precision and bespoke made by a dental technician in the local area for you. There are very strong and durable lasting many years. They involve less tooth removal than a crown, helping to preserve your remaining healthy tooth structure. When working with porcelain we match the colour to your natural teeth in order to create a seamless blend. Contact us today for your dental overlays.

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