Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation Overview

Dental sedation or IV sedation as it is also known, is a technique where a small injection into the back of the hand places you in a relaxed state. You are awake but not really aware of what is going on. Time passes very quickly and you have little if any memory of what has happened after the treatment is completed. Throughout your treatment you are carefully monitored to ensure your safety.

Patients have reported that after a course of treatment with sedation they are much less anxious about attending for routine dental appointments. They know if they need certain treatment such as dental implants, they can have sedation to help them manage their anxieties.

We only provide IV sedation for oral surgery procedures incorporating dental implants or difficult extractions such as impacted wisdom teeth. Book now for a consultation with our experienced sedation dentist Andy Armstrong 

dental sedation somerset, Dental Sedation

Pictured are Dr Andy Armstrong, our experienced sedation dentist and oral surgeon and Sarah Clarke our sedation qualified dental nurse. 

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