Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

With age, lips become thinner and less full. Lip fillers allow us to plump up your lips in the places that bother you the most. Many find that after lip fillers, lipstick placement becomes easier and it bleeds less into the surrounding fine lines.

Lip fillers can also smooth over the fine lines that appear around lips over time – often referred to as “smokers lines”. Furthermore, they can reduce the appearance of the lines which join your nose to the corner of your smile, a tell-tale sign of ageing.

Marionette lines (from the corner of your smile down to your chin) can also be filled, improving the vitality of the entire lower face. These lines that we are so used to seeing can make your facial expression seem downcast, whereas after a little plumping you can be back to looking happier and more youthful. 

We also offer lip fillers to younger clients who simply wish to enhance their appearance.

Treatment will give you instant results and can last up to 6 months – 1 year.

Top-ups are always available, and we always advise that you start slow and build up big changes in appearance over the course of many months, not just for safety, but for a natural and subtle result in aesthetics.

Treated areas will be swollen and can bruise after treatment but this usually settles down in a couple of weeks, therefore we advise that if you are anticipating this treatment you give us plenty of notice to book you in early before any important events.

All risks and benefits of these treatments will be discussed at length with you before starting this exciting procedure!

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