Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment Overview

Wish you had whiter teeth? This is one of our most popular treatments. Our modern lifestyles are often filled with foods and drinks that stain our teeth. Having whiter, brighter and cleaner looking teeth can boost your confidence in social situations.

Whether you want Hollywood white teeth or you want to bring your teeth up to more natural whiteness, at home whitening can be used to get the result you want. You dentist will discuss whitening with you and explain how to get the look you want.

We use the Philips Zoom whitening system at our practice. It is a very simple procedure which does not damage your teeth.

The process is as follows:
You will need an initial assessment to ensure your oral health is suitable for whitening. Whitening is not advised for unmanaged gum disease, decayed teeth or broken fillings. Once your mouth is healthy we take moulds of your teeth, which are sent to our laboratory, who make custom-fit bespoke trays that fit perfectly to you.

teeth whitening somerset, Teeth Whitening
Before and After – Treatment Time – 2 Weeks

We will take photographs before the treatment and afterwards so you can see the improvements made on the colour of your teeth. Once the trays are checked you will be given whitening gel to take home with you.

Once your mouth is healthy, we take moulds of your teeth which are sent to the laboratory and custom-fit bespoke trays are made which fit you perfectly.

It is important you attend your follow up appointment with your dentist so they can assess the health of your mouth during the whitening as well as document your results clinically. All risks and benefits of whitening will be discussed with you clinically before beginning the process.

*It is vital to recognise that it is illegal for any non-dental professional to carry out tooth whitening, as when not regulated strictly can be damaging to gums and enamel.*

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